Pinterest is rising in popularity and is currently third in line in communication and sharing, right behind Facebook and Twitter.

In January 2012 it was reported that the site had 11.7 million users, the fastest in history to pass the 10 million user mark. The site averages about 11 million visitors per week, the highest percentage of those visitors are females.

Pinterest is very popular with Moms!

Recipes are very popular, do it yourself projects, crafts, fashion and parenting are all very high ranking in top shared content.

The IPad is the choice of device for Pinterest users and most are busy on Pinterest at night (after the kids are asleep, after home from work, etc.)

Users can save, upload, and manage images by “pinning” to their pinboard. The pin is your image, a recipe you have for extra cheesy macaroni for example, is pinned to your board, other users may repin your recipe to their board and so on.

Retail companies are hopping on board the Pinterest wagon as means to advertise.

Think about the possibilities for clothing retailers, a quick and simple way to see what your customers are pinning on their boards gives a quick interpretation of what styles they are planning to buy.

In turn the marketing strategies and style trend analysis provide valuable feedback and this information can be collected and sold as marketing analysis, bringing even more worth to Pinterest. As of February 2013, Pinterest was valued at $2.5 billion.

On top of all the financial value and advertising, Pinterest users have fun pinning and sharing information.

Shouldn’t your business find a way to use this genius slice of social media?

Orangehat is helping others just like yourself use these fast growing far reaching tools.

We can help you too. Call us for a free website analysis, find out what others are doing and how well these strategies are working for them.

What are you waiting for?

Give us a call today at 800-788-8596.

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What are the best ways to make sure you are targeting the audience you want with your SEO content?

If you are a bakery for instance, would you think that articles about how to treat fleas on dogs would be good for driving traffic to your bakery website?

So should your articles be based on the general theme of your business or services on your website. This is one way you can target your audience.

Using keywords that customers use when searching for you is another way to target your audience.

As a business owner you should know better than anyone else what keywords are associated with your business.

Research for keywords related to your product or service area. You could have overlooked some important keywords.

Search engines like fresh content.

This is an ongoing process, not just a once every six months project.

Your website is your opportunity to grab the attention of your customers. If your content is full of mistakes, facts that aren’t accurate or interesting, you are not likely to keep your customer’s interest for very long. You are also not likely to stand out against competitors as someone who knows their product or service very well.

Orangehat can perform a free audit of your website and show you live examples of our work. We can help you come up with a plan that will work for you.

Give us a call and see what we can do for you, at 800-788-8596.

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Internet Marketing

Believe it or not there are many businesses out there don’t have a website and don’t use Internet for advertising. Say What????

In these days of push a button technology it seems rather extreme that anyone would even dare think of being without a website and all it has to offer for the business.

The Internet is here to stay.

Using the Internet for marketing your business is becoming vitally important to the success of your business.

The Internet reaches a wide audience quickly. Through the Internet you can increase awareness of your product, and you can increase interest in your brand very quickly with the right marketing strategies.

You can target a specific audience using the internet. Have a product that is specifically designed for a teenager? Using clever strategies to personalize your message to your targeted audience.

An undecided internet shopper may look at your product, go away and come back easier than when making trips back and forth to a store. With online purchasing the convenience makes it that much more popular.

Marketing your website using the Internet is relatively inexpensive. For very little investment you can create quite a marketing campaign. Your business becomes more visible.

Offering incentives online such as promo code discounts, shopper rewards, or free shipping are all ways to generate business on your website.

Let Orangehat perform a free website analysis. If you are not fully using your website marketing strategy to its greatest potential you are losing money!

Let your website make more money for you.

Call Orangehat at 800-788-8596

Orangehat Content Marketing, SEO, and social media marketing

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Website and SEO building blocks

Never underestimate the power of a well designed website.

It is estimated 51% of shoppers will research online before visiting a store to purchase and another 44% will visit online and purchase (that leaves a few folks going back and forth.)

The main goal of a website is to attract visitors to your site, keep them coming back and turn them into returning customers.

At Orangehat, we offer a free website analysis.

When setting up a website often one of the first steps is to purchase a domain, which is basically the name and identity of your website. Popular domains such as GoDaddy or typically charge an annual fee which needs to be renewed.

A Web Host is the virtual space where your website “lives.” Webhosting packages are usually offered at a minimal fee depending upon your needs.

Content Management Systems are usually the next step in setting up your website, a popular choice is WordPress, which not only is free it is easy to learn and maneuver.

You can choose a theme from WordPress for your website or you can have your website designed and built from scratch for a fee.

Once your website is set up the content needs to be added. Your website should have been designed in such a way that you know where the content goes when the website goes live.

Content is vital to your website success. You can write your own content but hiring a professional can make all the difference in the success of your website.

Fresh and engaging content stimulates interest in your website which in turn stimulates interest in your product or service.

Orangehat will work with you to strategize your content and manage your SEO to maximize your exposure and generate traffic.

Call Orangehat for more information at 800-788-8596.

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Google Hummingbird upate

The Hummingbird is said to be a more precise search tool and provide faster results for queries.

Google, as promised, launched its latest algorithm, just as the company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The advantages of Hummingbird are that your entire search will be read instead of just a few words. For example, lets say you are searching for a restaurant that serves vegan dishes in Nashville, TN for under $10. In the past you might type in restaurants, Nashville, TN then a second search saying vegan restaurants under $10 once the list of restaurants is returned.

With Hummingbird, feasibly, you will be able to type “restaurants in Nashville, TN serving vegan meals for under $10” and get a list of restaurants that are just that.

Using Hummingbird the entire query is supposed to be read and quickly return your search results. The goal is to be faster and meet what people are searching for. At this time, whether the claims are working exactly as hoped is to be determined. Google officially released the information around their 15th anniversary so the official statistics are still undetermined.

What does this also mean for the future of SEO?

Content will need to be not only keyword oriented but quality content information that answers questions people are asking.

Quick, word filling content of little meaning will be a thing of the past. Content that engages the audience, answers questions, provides solutions will make the cut. Orangehat is your source for quality SEO content.

Find out how more relevant, quality content will work for you.

Call us for a free website audit and see live samples of our work. See the difference between quality and quantity content.

Contact Orangehat today at 800-788-8596

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Young businessman getting bad news via email

Change is inevitable. Change is beneficial and often very lucrative. Some embrace change and even thrive on it.

Others stay in their comfort zone because they hate change. Refusal to change could cause you to be left behind.

To deny the power of the Internet and the strategies for marketing is equivalent to burying your head in the sand. How many offices do you see using typewriters these days? How many dial up phones do you see? Exactly. Times have changed and change is ongoing. You have to keep up or you will be left behind.

The need to stay current is crucial to your success in any avenue of life but especially important for business growth and development.

The development of an SEO marketing strategy for your business is vital to your business staying current.

Yes, having a website is important, in fact necessary. But, is that enough? Without generating traffic to your website you will not be fully utilizing the power of the Internet marketing to your best advantage.

How do you continue to generate traffic to your website?

The most effective way is to develop content and use keyword strategy that interests users.

Quality content is not just a hodge podge of words thrown together to fill space. Not only does this demonstrate a lack of talent and professionalism, this will quickly label you as a spammer.

Maintaining high standards for quality content is a necessity for the success of your SEO marketing strategy. Orangehat takes this seriously and will work with you to determine your best course of action and develop a plan for success.

Let us audit your website and make suggestions, show you samples of work we have done and come up with a plan that involves you, the client, and Orangehat to work together to implement change.

Don’t let refusal to change cause you to be left behind.

Contact Orangehat today at 800-788-8596.

Orangehat Content Marketing, SEO, and social media marketing

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It’s not “Dancing with the Stars” for sure.

Google dancing with Panda and Penguin is full of terms and lingo that would make any novice squirm with questions. How do we do the Google dance with Panda and Penguin?

Lets talk about who they are or rather what they are. Panda was created by Google to monitor site quality. Panda is a new ranking factor. Is the site worth searching for, does it meet the required standards set by Google? Google calls this “high quality sites algorithm.” An algorithm is used as a measurement of a Web site to determine its relevance on the Internet.

When the change rolled out in 2011 there were many unhappy site owners. Panda began blocking sites that didn’t meet their criteria. New updates to Panda continue to roll out which are said to be even more “finely targeted.”

Penguin was created to look for suspicious links, schemers. Penguin launched in April 2012 to catch spammers who buy links or obtain them through link networks for the purpose of boosting rankings. Penguin update 2.0 which was released in May 2013 hit hard on pornagraphy sites, game sites, big brand sites, believe it or not The Salvation Army and

A word to the wise, be diligent what is allowed on your site.

Even spelling is important to quality content. Empty content, words to fill space for the sake of creating content doesn’t work. Creating quality content works and will work for you.

Orangehat is about SEO content and creating marketing strategies to optimize your website traffic which improves sales, gets your business noticed, and creates a win/win situation.

This is a process that involves both you the client and Orangehat.

Let Orangehat perform a free Website SEO audit and show you Live Client examples. We are ready, willing and able to work for you.

Call us at 800-788-8596.

Agent Orange: SEO Consultant

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Orangehat Expert SEO Tips

With a little effort, lots of guidance and strategy you can make your website sizzle and maximize your SEO for success. Make sure your site is accessible to search engines.

Don’t underestimate the power of Networking can have on SEO!

Meeting new people, exchanging ideas opens up opportunity to new blogging, marketing ideas, and builds good public relations.

Content is crucial so make sure that you have quality content on your page. Stay current and use the keywords or keyword phrases that best work for your product and services.

Use the tools that are out there, let’s face it Social Media is here to stay.

Learn more about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and learn to understand how to use them to your advantage.

Page ranking is important but not the only factor, don’t focus only on that, rather, focus on maintaining quality content and information on the website.

Adding new content to your page on a regular basis keeps the page interesting and alive and will generate traffic.

If you don’t update and change your website often you will need to blog at least three times a week to keep searches fresh.

Search optimization is not a one time job, its a daily and ongoing process.

Orangehat will work to help you determine the best strategy for marketing your business and increasing traffic to your website.

Contact Orangehats for a free website SEO audit and see what we can do for you!

Call us today at 800-788-8596

Orangehat Content Marketing, SEO, and social media marketing

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