Orangehat Expert SEO Tips

With a little effort, lots of guidance and strategy you can make your website sizzle and maximize your SEO for success. Make sure your site is accessible to search engines.

Don’t underestimate the power of Networking can have on SEO!

Meeting new people, exchanging ideas opens up opportunity to new blogging, marketing ideas, and builds good public relations.

Content is crucial so make sure that you have quality content on your page. Stay current and use the keywords or keyword phrases that best work for your product and services.

Use the tools that are out there, let’s face it Social Media is here to stay.

Learn more about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and learn to understand how to use them to your advantage.

Page ranking is important but not the only factor, don’t focus only on that, rather, focus on maintaining quality content and information on the website.

Adding new content to your page on a regular basis keeps the page interesting and alive and will generate traffic.

If you don’t update and change your website often you will need to blog at least three times a week to keep searches fresh.

Search optimization is not a one time job, its a daily and ongoing process.

Orangehat will work to help you determine the best strategy for marketing your business and increasing traffic to your website.

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