Pinterest is rising in popularity and is currently third in line in communication and sharing, right behind Facebook and Twitter.

In January 2012 it was reported that the site had 11.7 million users, the fastest in history to pass the 10 million user mark. The site averages about 11 million visitors per week, the highest percentage of those visitors are females.

Pinterest is very popular with Moms!

Recipes are very popular, do it yourself projects, crafts, fashion and parenting are all very high ranking in top shared content.

The IPad is the choice of device for Pinterest users and most are busy on Pinterest at night (after the kids are asleep, after home from work, etc.)

Users can save, upload, and manage images by “pinning” to their pinboard. The pin is your image, a recipe you have for extra cheesy macaroni for example, is pinned to your board, other users may repin your recipe to their board and so on.

Retail companies are hopping on board the Pinterest wagon as means to advertise.

Think about the possibilities for clothing retailers, a quick and simple way to see what your customers are pinning on their boards gives a quick interpretation of what styles they are planning to buy.

In turn the marketing strategies and style trend analysis provide valuable feedback and this information can be collected and sold as marketing analysis, bringing even more worth to Pinterest. As of February 2013, Pinterest was valued at $2.5 billion.

On top of all the financial value and advertising, Pinterest users have fun pinning and sharing information.

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