Google Hummingbird upate

The Hummingbird is said to be a more precise search tool and provide faster results for queries.

Google, as promised, launched its latest algorithm, just as the company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

The advantages of Hummingbird are that your entire search will be read instead of just a few words. For example, lets say you are searching for a restaurant that serves vegan dishes in Nashville, TN for under $10. In the past you might type in restaurants, Nashville, TN then a second search saying vegan restaurants under $10 once the list of restaurants is returned.

With Hummingbird, feasibly, you will be able to type “restaurants in Nashville, TN serving vegan meals for under $10” and get a list of restaurants that are just that.

Using Hummingbird the entire query is supposed to be read and quickly return your search results. The goal is to be faster and meet what people are searching for. At this time, whether the claims are working exactly as hoped is to be determined. Google officially released the information around their 15th anniversary so the official statistics are still undetermined.

What does this also mean for the future of SEO?

Content will need to be not only keyword oriented but quality content information that answers questions people are asking.

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