SEO is not so bad!

Orangehat knows SEOSearch engine optimization is here to stay, like it or not—though some people would admit they’re burnt out already. SEO is essentially the bread and butter of getting your site noticed on the Internet.

There’s plenty of resources on the Internet urging webmasters to use SEO. Without it, many people would not have a sure-fire way to get their website noticed by other people. So, why are people becoming burnt out?

Why People Think They Hate SEO

People are simply tired of the information coming from all directions about SEO. As Google and other search engines figure out better ways to combat black-hat and even white-hat SEO techniques, more SEO experts and enthusiasts are figuring out more ways to win their battle against getting consistent web traffic.

SEO is necessary, and as necessary as SEO may be, there’s plenty of negative factors associated with the practice. These are the elements people outright hate about the practice.

Many, though not all, resources simply over-advertise the perks of SEO. Some people even imply that using SEO leads to instant and free web traffic overnight. What many resources fail to mention is using SEO right takes time and some money. When eager new webmasters try SEO and don’t understand why things aren’t happening overnight, it fast becomes discouraging—and it is.

Why People Don’t Actually Hate SEO

Search engines like Google love quality content—even rewarding websites for producing good content by helping them rank better on their search engine results pages.

Search engine optimization is an asset to promoting a website for a business or service—and even yourself. It’s typically used in conjunction with social media to form a viable content marketing campaign. Nowadays, it’s even intrinsic to the practice.

Search engine optimization is useful. It’s great to use for your website. It’s a perfectly legitimate method of generating web traffic. No one honestly should be discouraged from using SEO, since it’s beneficial to getting good web traffic and improving the quality of your website.

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Tags are taking a leap forward

Many search engines out there are still using the old way to tag content throughout the Internet using traditional SEO. Bing is now making it much easier to markup content using “Bing tags.”

In the 1990s, tagging was used to categorize articles, but lately, the search engines have been doing the job. However, tagging needs to be done if the search engines fail to do the job.

Now Bing is making an effort so that it is possible to “tag” a person in a blog post or a webpage. This will make a site’s content more visible and is great for content marketing.

Bing! Tagging

Bing! Tagging uses social media

Bing tagging is going to be visible to the public and this will able people to socially tag a page and then share it on FaceBook and other social sites.

The tagged pages will then be shared with others that are logged onto those social media sites. You can share them with all of your friends, or even individual friends depending on the page that you found over the internet through the help of Bing.

It will also be possible to see tagged pages from friends and will display their names on the tagged sections.

Bing is integrating this so more and more people will be attracted to use this feature, and use the search engine.

Only public Facebook profiles will be able to take advantage of the tagging features.

Find out more information about Bing tags at Search Engine Land.


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There is no way around good SEO

Ever since SEO has become the most potent weapon for Internet marketers, there have been thousands of people trying find out new ways to trick the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and have engaged in, what can be at best called shady practices, to get better search engine page ranks. While the primary objective of any content marketing strategy or social media marketing is to eventually create a dominating presence in the virtual world, especially in search results, yet the route taken by SEO experts or content marketing specialists cannot be questionable or illegitimate in the eyes of Google.

There had been a lot of speculation recently that Google penalizes sites that are critical of Google or speak unfavorably about Google’s services, principles and policies. Matt Cutts has clarified that Google has no such policy of penalizing a site that is critical of the company or the search engine giant’s policies but he reiterated that repeat offenders with the clear intention of violating the norms set out by Google Webmaster Guidelines would certainly fall under the scanner and might be hammered down.

It has to be seen from the perspective of websites being devastated because no SEO strategy, content marketing idea or social media dominance can make a tinge of a difference if Google decides to penalize a site and brings its ranking crashing down. Having said that, there have been SEO practices that used names of the likes of Google and other reputed sites or companies to squeeze through the search engine algorithms and get a higher ranking, not by the virtue of content or the ranking of the site but with the help of the presence of essential words that people look for.

Google is all out to penalize all sites that do not have good SEO strategies and if you are working on content marketing or a new SEO strategy, stay in line with Google’s policies.

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