Everyday on FaceBook , Twitter, or any number of social newsfeeds, a post from a friend, a real estate listing, and even maybe a commercial finds its way into the eyes of a consumer. It’s free to sign up and easy to start posting pictures with descriptions and videos. With the number of people on social media being so astonishing, it’s easy to jump aboard.

Now, just about every business is flocking to social media, but– Who owns the content? Are businesses getting the most from their efforts? Are businesses investing into social media the right way?

How to use social media the right way.

Social media is a great tool to utilize in online marketing, however don’t just post something with out linking back to your website! Some businesses may not have a website and if that is the case, they are putting all their eggs into one basket, and that is just not good strategy.

Use social media to compliment a website!

A successful company focuses on building value, so why give FaceBook your valuable content?  Another thing to consider is that FaceBook approves and denies content after it’s been posted, and it’s true that they do not approve of certain products.

A website should be the central hub for any business’s online presence… Social media is the billboard linking websites to the world. As a compliment, traffic is funneled to your branded website giving more opportunity to engage users with:

  • Trust building
  • Product galleries
  • Opt-in e-mail subscriptions for newsletters and product announcements

Use more than one platform!

Social media is widely used today by billions of people around the globe, and just about everyone that uses social media has a FaceBook and Twitter account, but there are many social media as well as social bookmarking sites to use as well.

Orangehat and its users’ content are submitted to over 20 different social media and bookmarking sites. This is beneficial in two ways:

  1. Immediate traffic generation – great shared content linked to your website is like candy!
  2. Search engine optimization  – increases links, mentions, Likes, Followers, etc. Very positive signals for the search engines and often results in higher rankings.

The dangers of using social media the wrong way.

Every single day, especially on FaceBook, brands and businesses are posting some awesome content, and while it may even work for generating a lead, the problem here is putting all the eggs in one basket. Of course, the likelihood that FaceBook will file bankruptcy or have a sitewide failure is not very high, but it is a possibility.

Just think what would happen if the switch was turned off? Every single company with only a FaceBook profile will all the sudden be facing a loss of online activity!

No more sharing, no more conversation, nothing…
Agent Orange knows social media

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