If you haven’t utilized the Internet for increasing sales in your business you are losing out.

Anything and everything that sells products and services are using Ecommerce to generate sales.SEO for  ecommerce

Mom and Pop brick and mortar stores are still around but some are actually beginning to thrive on their internet business.

What makes a successful internet business using Ecommerce?

Location, location, location, we’ve all heard this and its true.

The location of a business can make or break you! However, even with the best location possible there still is another viable solution to marketing your business and increasing sales far beyond those who come to your location.

This is where the internet comes into play. Your marketplace on the internet is wide open. With marketing strategies in place Orangehat is able to help you utilize and maximize results to increase sales via your website.

How big of a role does Ecommerce SEO play in this?

A website is essential to marketing your business. Compare your website to a billboard of sorts. People may not read every line of your website. They may scan for the portions that are of interest to them.

Sure, graphics and visual eye catching designs are strong and will draw attention to your website.

Keeping interest in your website involves using content targeted to your market.

Orangehat can not only help you maintain your website we will help you narrow down what content you need on your website to generate traffic.

Let us help you make Ecommerce work for you. Its your future and you can start now to succeed.

Agent Orange: SEO Consultant


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Pinterest is a fast growing social sharing community.

Pinterest is perfect for ecommerce!

One year ago today Pinterest was hardly worth mentioning and known to a very small number of people. Now, the content sharing service accounts for nearly 25% of all social media web traffic. While FaceBook is overpowering the market in sheer numbers, Pintrest is coming up as a reckoning force when it comes to driving eCommerce. The site is popular for sharing content that often features random accessories, clothes, handbags, apartment decor, recipes and their ingredients. The shape Pinterest has taken and steep rise in traffic makes it a ripe ground for eCommerce driven websites to gain traffic and more conversions.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

From the chart above, we can see the rapid growth of Pinterest, receiving it’s boost starting in February, 2012. This is significant because there are older platforms that are now falling short of Pinterest. These social media sites have earned loyal followers over the years, but now the popular giants like Twitter and StumbleUpon, just are not delivering what they once were. The Pinterest train is gaining steam and doesn’t look to be derailing anytime soon. Now is the perfect time for eCommerce businesses to jump aboard!

Pinterest in eCommerce

A recently conducted survey by BizRate Insights shows some very interesting results from 7,431 online shoppers. Nearly 70% of those surveyed told BizRate that the pinup site is used for inspiration and keeping up with the latest trends, making it even more attractive to eCommerce as a part of their daily SEO. Pinterest carries a lot of Domain Authority and using the site to engage shoppers will help websites earn authority through social sharing and linking.
Social Media ecommerce study

With the amount of traffic Pinterest has, the nearly perfect Domain Authority scores, and the trust of its users, why would any eCommerce site pass this up? With the rapid rise of Pinterest in 2012, the following year will only improve. So integrating a Pinterest strategy now will set your online shop straight for 2013.

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